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Planning is the process of thinking about the activities required to achieve a desired goal. Learn more about what’s happening locally.

Tahoe City lodge, Tahoe City, California

Currently many visitors pass through Tahoe City and do not stay overnight due to a lack of adequate quality lodging options. Tahoe City Lodge will boost local business and help Tahoe City return to its reputation as a leading destination for overnight visitors who come to enjoy beautiful views, a pedestrian friendly commercial district and lakefront park. The Tahoe City Lodge aligns to the vision recently created by the hundreds of people who participated in local planning processes. The key principles outlined in the Tahoe City Visioning Plan directly informed the design of the Tahoe City Lodge.

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Keep Squaw True, Squaw Valley, California

Real estate speculators want to transform Squaw Valley with development unlike anything North Lake Tahoe has ever seen. Sierra Watch, and our movement to Keep Squaw True, is the only thing standing between Squaw Valley and acres of high-rise condo hotels and an indoor water park that threaten the environment, quality of life, and mountain values of the entire region. We’ve put KSL’s illegal plans on hold by challenging their approvals in court, but this fight is far from over. That’s why we’re partnering with Rob and Scott Gaffney to make a movie and share this important story with the world.

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The Truckee Railyard, Truckee, California

The Planning Division has received a land use application for a 54,297 S.F. multi-story mixed use structure and two 320 S.F. ground-mounted shipping container structures converted to retail/food services uses located in the southwestern section of the balloon track of the Downtown Extension (DE) district of the Railyard Master Plan. Other features include a loading area proposed off of Church Street Extension adjacent to the balloon track, on the west side of the building; outdoor seating/sales areas for the retail/food services container structures; and a rooftop deck is proposed on the third floor of the building to provide opportunities for outdoor dining for the proposed restaurant.

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Tahoe’s shoreline plan moving forward

A two-year effort to agree on new regulations guiding shoreline activities around Lake Tahoe—a thorny issue that has eluded success over the years and which is given added urgency by the impacts of drought and climate change—is now underway. Government agencies, lakeside property owners, environmentalists and marina operators are participating in talks they hope will lead to acceptable rules addressing issues such as Tahoe’s piers, buoys and boat ramps. Much is at stake, including the future of boating and how people will play along the scenic shores of one of the nation’s most famous lakes, as well as how a sensitive environment will be protected from the impacts of those activities in the coming years and decades.

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Capitol Avenue, Nugget Market & Raley's Grocery Store

The Truckee Planning Division is currently processing land use applications for three grocery stores. There has been a lot of community dialog about the who, what and when of these grocery stores. This fact sheet was created for information sharing purposes. As of the writing of this fact sheet, November 27, 2017, these are proposed projects; none of the land use applications have been approved by the Town of Truckee. However, all of these grocery store projects are anticipated to be considered by the Truckee Planning Commission in the next few months.

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Canyon Springs Development

The applicant for the Canyon Springs project continues to work on a modified project proposal in response to public comment and Planning Commission questions raised during the November 16-17 Planning Commission hearing. A future hearing date has not been determined and will not be scheduled until the revised project has been submitted and reviewed by Town staff to determine if any additional information is needed. At the point when the revised project is ready for re-consideration by the Planning Commission, additional public noticing (mailed, newspaper, e-notification, Town website, etc.) will be provided to ensure those interested in attending and/or providing comments on a revised Canyon Springs project will have access to the most current information.

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Truckee Springs Development

The Planning Division is currently reviewing an application for the Truckee Springs Master Plan. The applicants completed the Summary Plan process for Truckee Springs in July 2013 to initiate early public involved prior to submitting a Master Plan application. Town Council and Planning Commission provided formal direction to the applicants in terms of density/intensity, land uses, development standards, circulation, implementation measures which were to be incorporated into the Master Plan.

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